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JAM is the acronym for Jesus and Me. The purpose of JAM is to instruct children, ages
4-10 years old, on the word and ways of Jesus Christ. JAM prepares the children to discover and develop a
personal relationship with Jesus. The JAM ministry is based on Proverbs 22:6, to train up a child in the way he
should go. JAM fosters a nurturing, safe and secure learning environment where all students can contribute to
open discussions, participate in activities that support social and educational skills and establishes godly
relationships among students. Additionally, JAM enables the children to face a future in Christ with the heart of a

"JAM" Children's Ministry

"SHERO" Women's Ministry

“Who can find a virtuous woman?” A virtuous woman is a woman of good character, she is a good wife, she works
outside the home and may even be an entrepreneur, she is active in her community and in her ministry, she cleans her own house and raises her own children while never neglecting to pray and praise her God. In doing all of this a virtuous woman is confident in who she is and who’s she is. “SHERO's” ministers to the everyday needs and concerns of women from all walks of life while promoting purpose and balance. Our goal is to encourage all women to be women of faith, prayer, courage, wisdom and diversity through dynamic preaching, teaching, women’s fellowships and outings. “SHERO's” is an enhancer to becoming a virtuous woman.

"MAN UP" Men's Ministry

“Man-Up” Men’s Ministry caters to the spiritual needs of men through various activities such as meetings, prayer
gatherings, fellowship events and retreats. Man-Up is designed to develop and build men who possess character and integrity and shape them into loving husbands, respected fathers, loyal brothers and trusted leaders.


Boyz 2 Men is a ministry for boys ages 6-19 years old. Boyz 2 Men teaches boys to live a godly life using the word
of God as their foundation and helps them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The boys are taught various life lessons through a variety of outdoor activities, life skills and social skills which includes but is not limited to personal hygiene, money management, automotive skills, housekeeping skills, respecting women and conflict resolution.